Another mama’s loss

A long ago friend has lost his little baby. His wife, whom I have never met, posted on facebook. I just want to wrap her in my arm’s and let her scream, rail, sit, cry… whatever she needs. The walk isn’t easy, though more mamas than we realize have been through it. They have two children waiting for them in heaven, yet this loss won’t be any easier simply because they have lost before.

Dear friends, please pray for, please love on, please minister to those who need you now. A card, a meal, or a simple use of Baby’s name at the right moment will mean the world to those around you who have suffered the loss of their little one.

May the God of all peace surround them.

2 Comments to “Another mama’s loss”

  1. Oh, my. I know you can relate … I can’t even begin to imagine. I know your son would be 5 on Friday. Blessings to your family as you celebrate Jedidiah’s life.

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