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February 19, 2012

Savannah Grace

Two years ago about this time, I was coming out of surgery.  I was no longer pregnant.  My world had turned on its head 17 hours earlier when I saw that positive sign on the pregnancy test and knew something was terribly wrong.  All the times before, seeing that plus sign was such an amazing feeling–fear and awe, expectation and wonder, excitement and joy.  With Savannah Grace (no, I do not really know if she was a little girl; it was too early to tell, but I always think of my ‘kidney bean’ as Savannah Grace), I just knew that plus sign meant that I was going to have to make the hardest decision I had ever had to face.  LORD, thank You for loving me through that last two years–the most complicated, horrible, growing, joyful years that I have ever had.

February 8, 2012

The 8th… again.

God blessed our lives with Jedidiah’s short presence 10 months ago today.  10 months.  10 months of pain.  10 months of growth.  10 months of joy.  10 months in which his seconds still count.

I awakened to an email this morning from Heather Graf, reporter extraordinaire, that included this…


“I wanted to share with you that a news photographer friend of mine who works in Greensboro, NC saw our story about Jedidiah.  He and his reporter there were so moved by the story, they contacted Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep in hopes of doing a similar story in their city.  In order to get their local hospital onboard, and to find the perfect family willing to share their story, my friend Eric showed the hospital, and the family, Jedidiah’s story.  🙂
So, it seems your little boy is still touching lives and making a difference, every day!  Pretty amazing, don’t you think??”
I can never thank Heather and Nathan (our news photographer/videographer) enough for sharing Jedidiah’s story with the public.  They put together an amazing news piece. 
How wonderful that God wrapped me in a little hug of the reminder of the impact that Jedidiah has on this earth for His glory.  I miss my boy, but I am looking forward, not back.  I want to make my seconds count the way that his seconds do.  To God be the glory, forever!
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