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December 8, 2014

Something is wrong with baby

If you are in the beginning or midst of a diagnosis for your little one that has you spinning out of control… Hold fast. Not to your feelings; they will overwhelm you. Not to the prognosis; it does not define you and your baby’s future.

Hold fast to His truth–Your life and your baby’s life has a purpose. His truth is the only thing that is real. The sense of control that research brings, the sense of desperation that talking to others brings, the sense of confinement and brokenheartedness… They will end. God is there. He will sustain you. He will reach down, hold you tight and give you the ability to get through the next doctor’s appointment, the next meeting with the hospital geneticist, the next ultrasound. Whatever it is, He has not left you. He will never leave you. Hold fast.

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