About us

The opening page tells you why we created WeAreJedidiah.org.  Here I just want to share a bit about ourselves and what I see God doing in our lives.

My husband Jim is an RN by profession, and his heart is burdened to minister to families with the unbounding goodness and mercy of God’s Word and His Way.  After completely his Masters in Christian Counseling and Discipleship, Jim mentored at Capital Bible Seminary (CBS) and had the opportunity to be an adjunct professor there, too.  Jim amazes me with his ability to see past what people are saying to what is really driving them deep inside.  The only time I have seen him miss his morning devotional time in the past two years was the morning that Jedidiah was born.  And, even then, he read and prepared his Bible verse text the night before.  He works hard to make sure all of our needs are met–not just by working at his job but by giving up his free time to cook us yummy meals, play games with the boys, and listen to me when I just need to talk.  He does these things on a daily basis.   God gave Jim the phrase “intentional intimacy” while he worked at CBS.  Jim lives out “intentional intimacy” every day of our lives.  (He would hate to know that I am praising him this way, but he is such a blessing to me and our children that I can’t think to write about him any other way.)  Please check out our ministry website at intentionalintimacy.org.

As for me, from my earliest memories, I wanted to be a wife and mother.  I wanted to stay home with my children and provide a loving, safe home for them and my husband.  Our house may be a mess at times, and I am still not a good cook, but I love homeschooling my children and being here every afternoon when my husband comes home from work.  I had the opportunity during my college years to travel quite a bit, which I absolutely love doing, and although I am not “using” my BS in speech communication and English education to get paid out of our home, I am using the experiences God has given me to mold and shape the lives of my children.  I have been blessed by the Blesser to be a blessing,* and I pray everyday that I will be open to what God wants me to do for Him and for those people He has placed in my life.  My life might not be glamorous, but I love it and God is the midst of it, and I am so thankful for that!

*That expression is taken from a sermon by Pat Hood, Senior Pastor at LifePoint Church, and I believe he said that his sermon was inspired by Ed Young.

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