Wrong prognosis

I received the following letter from a woman who shared information in the event that the medical staff is wrong about your child’s prognosis, and you have your little one with you for years.


“I am a special education teacher and work with young children with severe and multiply handicapping conditions.  I love my job and often become very close to the families of my students.  I know countless families that learned about their child’s condition before birth (although I have not gone through the experience personally).  Most parents tell me they were very glad to know ahead of time.  The logic behind their decision is that it allowed them to be informed and empowered them to be as prepared as possible.  (Obviously the parents I work with did not choose abortion.)  They simply wanted to welcome their child as best they could.  They also didn’t want their child’s day of birth to be overshadowed by the grief of a diagnosis. In addition to telling others about their infant’s condition, parents often decide to name the baby ahead of time. By giving the baby a name, it sets the tone.  Family and friends can focus on what they need to do for David opposed to the baby with Down Syndrome.

     If your child’s diagnosis is not life-limiting, please be aware that public school systems offer services for babies with special needs.  Through Early Childhood Special Education, families can get connected to resources and learn what they can already start doing to help their infant become as independent as possible.”  –Sher Unruh-Friesen in Minneapolis, Minnesota


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