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November 29, 2011

A Heart Beat

I have been having heart palpitations since September.  They have been different than the others I have had since Joshua was born, so I wanted reassurance from a cardiologist.  He is sure that all is well, but he ordered an echo doppler (heart ultrasound) to be safe.  I prefer to go to doctor’s appointments alone, unless I am having a baby ultrasound.  🙂 Jim wanted to come with me, and even though it seemed awkward to me, I thought it was very sweet and didn’t try to talk him out of it; he is my husband, after all.  Apparently, however, the policy is no extra peeps in the room.  So, he waited in the waiting room.  Boy was I angry!  I couldn’t figure out why until I had lain down and looked at the ultrasound screen.  I was immediately taken back to all those baby ultrasounds we had with Jedidiah.  I couldn’t look at the screen, and I silently cried for my little one.  I was doing ok until she turned on the volume and I heard my heart beating.  I couldn’t hold back the sobs and the poor girl was so worried about me.  I choked out why I was crying and she went to get Jim for me.  God knew I needed him near.  She gave us a few minutes alone.  The stabbing pain, the searing ache… I felt them anew.   I had to choose, again, to focus on all the positives–all the love, all the opportunities for reaching people, all the joy that Jedidiah’s life has brought.

November 29, 2011

An Emmy!

Guess what!?  Heather and Nathan from NewsChannel 5 have been nominated for an Emmy for the story that they did on Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, following our time with Jedidiah!  I am so proud of them and so happy that more people can be touched by our little guy’s story.  They told it soooo well, and they are such amazing, talented journalists.  Here is the web address if you want to see the story…

If I ever figure out how to attach video or pictures on here, I will certainly get a copy on here.

Have a blessed day, everyone!

November 29, 2011

A Q&A on Death and Dying

Jim and I were invited by Allen (nilmdts Area Coordinator) to speak at MTSU’s Health and Wellness class.  The topic was Death and Dying.  We had not seen Jedidiah’s news video for a while.  Allen showed it just before introducing us and opening the time for questions.  Wow, the emotion of that moment–hearing Jedi’s little sweet sounds, feeling Jim’s raw emotion beside me, being nervous in front of the students.  Thankfully, the professor was prepared to start the questions because the students didn’t know that we were there and they looked like deer caught in the headlights!  The discussion was wonderful, and I pray that God uses our words to help some of the students heal from their losses.

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