What brings sadness and joy as time progresses?

The joyful news that Heather is leaving to work in Seattle.  I am overjoyed for her, for her career.  But, knowing that both she and Nathan (he left this fall) are no longer at News Channel 5, just causes an ache in my heart.  Heather and Nathan brought something to our time with Jedidiah that we could never have had without them.  They are incredibly precious to me.  Their hearts—so giving, so loving.  Their talents—such blessings.

Lord, God, thank You for them, and please bless them as they continue on their journeys through this life.  Thank You so very much that You allowed our paths to cross.  From the moment of receiving Jedidiah’s diagnosis, we wanted nothing more than to ensure his life brought You glory.  You used Heather and Nathan to bring that prayer into reality.  Thank You and hold them close.  Amen.

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