Infant Loss Awareness month, day 3

Sometimes I’ll touch something and it makes me think of Jedidiah’s sweet chubby cheek. I treasured every brush of his cheek against mine. His smell, his warmth, his soft fuzzy skin. I never relished in the smells and sounds of my other children the way I did Jedidiah’s. I am so thankful that the LORD prepared my mind and my heart to know that we would say goodbye so that when the precious few moments I had to hold him came, I could rejoice and cherish them as I never had before. I miss him.

Faces of Loss

Here is a site that focuses on having moms share their stories.  It has been so healing for me to journal about this journey, and I am excited to see this website.  I had not seen it before yesterday.  They also have groups (Friends’ groups, not support groups, per se) that are able to be set up in your local area.  To use their terminology: I am the face of pregnancy and infant loss.

One Comment to “Infant Loss Awareness month, day 3”

  1. I cherish each entry in your journal Kim. Seeing, hearing, and reading the love of God in and through you brings me peace and comfort. As Jedidiah’s grandmother and your mother I pray those who gain strength through this web site find peace and comfort as well. Thank you for journaling your journey. I love you.

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