Moment by moment

Sometimes the pain is so great that it takes my breath away. One moment I am laughing about something someone said, and then a mama with her baby tucked sleepily into her carseat will walk by, and I can’t stop the tears, even if I try. Driving alone is still the most emotional place, probably because there is no likelihood of anyone walking in on me. This morning, I was praising the LORD for all He has done, but especially for Jedidiah and all He did with his little life, and then, WHAM!– the tears and the pain and the uncontrollable sobs. If you see me smile and laugh and speak matter-of-factly about my son, don’t think that I “have handled it,” that I am “over it,” that I “have coped well.” I simply have and will continue to take each moment as it comes, with the joy, with the pain, with the sorrow, and with the triumphs. Some days the pain rises to the top and there is nothing I can do but feel it, explore it, and ask the LORD to show me what to do next.

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  1. Love you. Momma

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