Major Kudos to Heather and Nathan! AGAIN!

I received this email almost one month ago, after being blessed with spending the afternoon with Heather and Nathan. We have been so busy with ministry work that I have been unable (or too tired) to sit down and post, but that does not lessen the excitement I felt or the tears I cried when I received word that, yet again, through the amazing talents of Heather and Nathan, Jedidiah’s life continues to reach others…

“I was going to wait until the 8th…

Hello Kim & Family!

I was going to wait until the 8th of May to tell yall, since the 8th is an important day each month… but I can’t wait that long!

Jedidiah’s story won another big award!

A regional Edward R. Murrow Award, which is a huge honor in journalism, and a pretty prestigious award. This just means more and more people will get to see and hear yall’s story, and the impact Jedidiah had on so many!

I hope this news makes your family smile 🙂

Nathan and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all!”

I am astounded by what God can do with one short life and the talents and hearts of the people touched by it. Live, my friends! Live every moment knowing that you matter and that you touch more lives than you realize!

BTW, if there is an advertisement on here, I apologize. I can’t figure out what to do about them. I am sure there will be a fee involved, but I don’t see them, and it wasn’t until my sister said something that I found out that there were any on here.

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