Heather Graf and Nathan Thompson won the MidSouth Emmy for a Serious News Story!  They both sweetly dedicated their awards to Jedidiah and our family when we owe them so much thanks for all the precious memories they captured for us and for all the lives that Jedidiah got to touch through their work.  God is so amazing…. One year ago on this very day is when we met them for their Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (nilmdts) story (to record Allen’s maternity shots of us).

I am humbled that they took Jedidiah’s story and told it with such love and skill and dedication.  I know the story brought much awareness in our area to nilmdts, and I pray that other families see the healing that these pictures, videoing, and storytelling can bring.

If you are reading this and you have lost your little one, tell his or her story.  It will help you, help your family, and help others heal, cope, AND find the joy of even a few brief hours of one day–a lifetime!

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