More than jealous

Sitting here taking a quick break from work, I looked at FoxNews and watched the first part of a report about Rick Santorum’s daughter.  She has trisomy 18.  They were told not to expect to have her with them but for a few hours or days, but she is 3 years old now.  I am jealous that they have had her with them for so long.  But, more than that, I thankful that they have had them with them for so long, that they have not faced the pain of saying goodbye to their precious baby.

Knowing that they live with constant reminders that life is fragile and vital and vibrant makes me stop and think more about her father.  I haven’t really paid attention to the race at this point because, quite honestly, it is exhausting to try to get to the truth outside of all the spin.  I don’t want to think about voting for someone simply because I feel more connected to them, so I guess I need to look into the policies, the procedures, the qualifications, and the heart (as they have revealed it) of these candidates.  Not that I will be voting until the big vote because I am not registered with a particular party.

More than jealous, I pray that their little girl will continue to bring each life she touches closer together–relating, loving, and maturing.  I know that the Father will not take her home one moment before her earthly life is complete, so I am more thankful than jealous for this family who values their little one, as all little ones deserve to be valued.

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