Savannah Grace

We just went to see the progress on Jedidiah’s stained glass frame.  It isn’t anything like I had originally envisioned, but I guess that shows even more why stained glass is such a powerful analogy to our lives in God’s hands.  I couldn’t imagine it being beautiful with the changes we needed to make to be able to afford such a wonderful piece, yet it is.  It much more than I expected when all the plans got changed.

More than that, Mr. Hendricks only put one person’s name on their square, even though many people put their names on theirs.  The only name… ‘Savannah,’ the name we gave our little one who we lost 15 months ago due to a tubal pregnancy.  ‘Grace’ is written on another square with a cross.  Her middle name is Grace.  I just couldn’t believe it… that God would plan out our daughter’s name our our son’s frame.  And, that Savannah’s square would say, “I love you, Jedi.”

Some might say, “Coincidence.”  But, I heard God whisper today.

2 Comments to “Savannah Grace”

  1. God is so amazing! “Happenings” like the one above confirms my faith and belief that God is in CONTROL of the Christian’s life. I say, “sit back and keep pedalling. Enjoy the ride.”

  2. That is so powerful. You can see God everywhere, especially when you look for Him! (JMH)

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