Baby Corbin

Baby Corbin passed away two days ago.  He defied many of the trisomy 13 medical odds and lived his earthly life in 135 days (I believe that is the correct number).  His life was limited but it was full!   My heart rejoices for the days and the moments that they had together, and it also breaks for his family knowing what these coming days, weeks, and months hold.

Yet, I must admit I am jealous of all the days they had with him.  I know; I shouldn’t be.  God ordained Jedidiah’s earthly life to be exactly 63660 seconds.  But, I would love to have one more moment, one more look into his eyes, one more grip of his strong little hand.  Sometimes, trusting the LORD, even when you have seen and lived in His amazing power and grace, is still a moment by moment choice.

I hope the family has the support, love, and encouragement that we did… not just strangers like me who saw their page on facebook, but people who are going to be there for the ins and outs, ups and downs of grief and loss and finding a new “normal” (which is only a partial possibility because the loss of a child means you may never feel normal again… close, but the sound of baby’s cry or a baby’s smile or a pregnant mama or something completely unrelated may send you reeling when you least expect it, even years later).

May God surround them with the overwhelming knowledge and love and comfort that only He can give and that He sometimes chooses to deliver through the hands and feet of those who love Him.

My continued gratitude to those of you who loved us through our time of intense loss and continue to support and love us still, even when you don’t understand the tears of the moment.

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