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July 10, 2013

Their Sweet M&M

Myla Michelle was born into heaven on July 3rd. Her name means ‘merciful.’

Her parents speak of the joy in the sadness and the beauty of her short life. The doctors had it all wrong, telling them even that Myla would be a boy. Medicine isn’t perfect.

Nonetheless, her mama knew her. She saw her beauty and her perfection packed into 3 lb 11 oz. Myla’s mama was awakened each morning by her little early bird, spending time getting to know each other as only a mama and baby can.

Daddy has been strong and loving, and he wore pink for his little girl’s funeral. Myla’s mama and daddy had to make the tough choice of bringing her into the world a bit early for mama’s health concerns. What a decision that none of us ever want to face.

They say good bye to their sweet M&M this afternoon, right about now as I type. As Myla’s body goes to her earthly resting place, please wrap your prayers around them. While they know her spirit is in heaven with the LORD, the separation will be almost unbearable. A pain that no one can take for them, that no one but God can ease for them.

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